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Welcome to Saraca Hotels & Resorts, where the essence of the Saraca tree, also known as the sorrow-less tree, permeates every aspect of our properties. The name "Saraca" is derived from the scientific name of the Ashoka Tree, which symbolises abundance and prosperity. We at Saraca Hotels & Resorts nurture the essence of each destination we are rooted in. In the heart of the Nawabi city of Lucknow and amidst the natural splendour of Corbett, Goa hotel peacefully perched on the northern-most tip of the city. It is a 17th century Portuguese fort secluded from the bustle of the city. Our hotels lies a sanctuary of hospitality where abundance thrives and guests are embraced with warmth and care.

In Lucknow, Saraca Hotel echoes the city's historic charm and hospitality. Inspired by the Nawabi era, our property offers an elegant retreat, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the region's rich cultural tapestry. We believe in enriching experiences, from savouring Awadhi cuisine to exploring hidden gems, ensuring every moment is steeped in luxury. Nestled in the serene wilderness of Corbett, Saraca Resort & Spa invites guests to reconnect with nature's abundant offerings. Surrounded by lush greenery and diverse flora and fauna, our sanctuary caters to both adventure and tranquillity seekers. Embodying the spirit of abundance, our resort provides enriching experiences celebrating nature's beauty. Whether embarking on a thrilling safari through the jungle or simply unwinding by the riverside, every moment at Saraca Resort & Spa Corbett is a testament to life's abundance. 

By 2025, we aim to double our portfolio, offering luxurious heritage hotels and intimate resorts tailored for discerning travellers seeking exclusive leisure destinations.

Discover the epitome of hospitality at Saraca Hotels & Resorts, where every stay is a celebration of life's richness and opulence. Whether you're seeking a heritage retreat in Lucknow or a nature inspired getaway in Corbett, our properties promise to envelop you in a world of warmth and comfort. Indulge in the lavish hospitality of Saraca Hotels & Resorts, where every sojourn transcends into a celebration of life's opulence and splendour. Whether enticed by the allure of a heritage haven in Lucknow or captivated by the untamed beauty of Corbett's wilderness, our sanctuaries pledge to immerse you in a realm of unparalleled comfort and abundance. Committed to environmental stewardship, our brand advocates for sustainability, urging guests to embrace tranquillity without disturbing the natural harmony. In Corbett, communal water storage initiatives sustain local villages and wildlife, while in Lucknow, over a hundred Ashoka trees flourish, a testament to our dedication to nurturing nature's gifts. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our resorts facilitate seamless guest interaction and engagement, ensuring an unforgettable experience at every turn.

Saraca Hotel Lucknow

Saraca Hotel Lucknow is a 1936 Heritage Bungalow that embodies the soul of Lucknow with its Art Deco elegance and 'Ganga-Jamuna' cultural ethos. In 2016, it was converted into a luxury boutique hotel, offering 41 exquisite rooms that blend Lakhnavi heritage with modern comfort, each opening onto tranquil courtyards and terraces. At Saraca Hotel Lucknow, every stay is a foray into the opulent Awadhi lifestyle, set against lush green lawns and the city's enchanting ambience.

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Saraca Resort & Spa Corbett

Nestled in Bhakrakot Valley near Corbett Reserve Forest, Saraca Resort & Spa Corbett offers an immersive nature retreat. Our 45 air-conditioned rooms and suites come with private outdoor spaces, surrounded by Corbett’s rich wildlife. Spread across 9 lush acres, our resort promises eco-friendly luxury, with activities like safaris, nature trails and cultural tours. Come to Saraca Resort & Spa Corbett, a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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Fort Tiracol Aerial View



Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel

If the urge to escape strikes you, visit Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel.
Once an armed fortress that belonged to the Portuguese, Fort Tiracol is now content to spend the rest of its days on a cliff enjoying the kaleidoscopic view of the Arabian Sea and the spectacular estuary of the Tiracol River. It exists in its own space and time on the northernmost tip of Goa. The fort's elevated position and the views it affords from the ramparts are quite something else. Sitting on the top verandah, or on one of the rooms' private balconies, gulping the clean air and panoramic seascapes is a sublime experience.

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At Saraca Hotels & Resorts, every celebration becomes a grand affair. Our elegant venues, tailored for both intimate gatherings and grand events, promise to transform your special moments into unforgettable memories. Whether it's a fairy-tale wedding, a milestone birthday or a corporate gala, our expert team ensures seamless execution with a touch of luxury and sophistication.


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